Sunday, 6 September 2020

Virtual Hereward 2020 - it's a strange day!


It's Sunday September 6th.

Were this a 'normal' first Sunday in September, I'd have been up since 6, and I'd have been standing outside the Cresset waiting for the duty manager to open up at 7. By now I'd have already walked about 7 or 8 thousand steps checking the table layout, making sure all our game runners and traders are happy, and handing them all free coffee/tea vouchers, and I'd be sat behind the front desk with probably Pippa, Anne and/or Carl checking people's paper tickets or taking their money with the second or third very large cup of tea and a Cresset bacon sandwich. Yesterday would have been spent printing paper show guides, drinks vouchers and extra floor plans, getting the two show award trophies engraved, fielding last minute questions...

Of course, due to lockdown and the COVID-19 virus, I'm not. Instead I'm sat in my office here with windows open on Facebook, TweetDeck and YouTube, discovering all the little annoyances I didn't know about (like scheduled tweets not being instantaneous, and forgetting to set up the club twitter account on my phone), and generally being at the hub of a collection of pre-programmed posts that should in theory run themselves. Yesterday I spent editing and uploading the best part of 5 hours of video (as well as running and recording a Zoom panel with 4 very enthusiastic and talkative people!) and then trying to get the aforementioned 'should run themselves' bit actually working.

It's very odd!

But anyway - we're up and rolling! The schedule is at if you want to drop in and see how things are going. 

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