Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Allan Downes

I know I'm a little behind the times, but I note with sadness the passing of model-maker extra-ordinaire, Allan Downes, in August.

For both my dad and I, he was one of the main reasons to race to grab the copy of Railway Modeller when it turned up in the mid/late 70s. His scenery making talents were flat out unbelievable.

If you want a long read, here's a thread of him and almost equally gifted modeller Iain Robinson having a good-humoured 'model off' in RMWeb, that lasts right up to his passing, and is littered with utterly drool-worthy photos of their handiwork. Be warned, you will spend a fair amount of time going "is that actually a model???"


  1. Incredible! That Harlem Steelworks is so detailed as to make the eyes water.

  2. I have just lost half an hour looking at just the first 5 pages of photos. They are INCREDIBLE! You are right - I frequently keep thinking 'they have to be photos of the real thing'. I have spent the last few days basing and static grassing - now I feel like weeping - Mr Downes's work is a different league. What a master modeller.


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