Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Miller's Tale - Episode 2

Episode 2: In which Mike attempts to remember how this podcasting thing works!
Links to things mentioned in the podcast:

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  1. Mike, surely I'd have the copyright on "Miller's" tale?
    My french are ready for your Brits in Sharpe Practise :)

  2. Thanks very much for putting this up, it was an interesting show, especially in your thoughts about rules. I wonder how many of the rulesets that you identified as "second generation" are still played regularly? Also, I rather think that the seeds of the second generation games were sowed in the first generation; all are "time and motion studies of the armed human" but the second generation tried to refine the model - unfortunately, they made the games difficult to play and the history isn't well understood enough to get the effect sizes right, making those projects a bit of a dead end. I'd still rather play WRG's first WW2 efforts than first generation WW2 stuff though.

    Your brief news section inspired a question: do you think the wargames community is well-served for hobby news? I suppose in a perfect "games news system" then all the news of interest would reach you and none of the stuff of no interest would clog up your attention span. Obviously that is impossible, but does the hobby as a whole do this well or badly, in your opinion?


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