Wednesday 2 August 2017

15mm PSC Churchill NA75 conversion

OK. I was going to blog one of several outstanding IABSM battle reports, but I'm feeling a bit smug just now, so here goes something else.

Churchill sprue
After the fall of Tunis during WW2, there was a certain degree of dissatisfaction among the Churchill crews, as it was felt that the 6pdr gun fitted was a bit light on range, but more importantly its HE performance was inadequate for an Infantry tank. To this end, Capt. Percy Morrell of the Royal Engineers came up with the devious idea of fitting an M3 75mm gun (from a KO'ed Sherman M4) to a Churchill IV. You can read the whole story (in his words) here, but let's just say it was an interesting feat of engineering.

Battlefront actually make one of these, but that's kind of not the point, since they're probably a tenner a pop after postage, and I have boxes and boxes of Shermans and several spare Churchill sprues from PSC.

M4A2 sprue
The conversion turns out to be very like Morrell's only in miniature. Build the Churchill body, set it aside. You'll then need the marked pieces from the Churchill sprue, and also from the Sherman sprue (I used an M4A2).

Assemble the shell of the turret, and then take a file to the front to flatten off the curve. Affix the trunnion, the (thin) mantlet and the 75mm from the Sherman, then add hatches and commander to taste.

And then, as they say, here's one I prepared earlier. I left the tank off the back, as several other folks models don't have it, and it's a pain to make fit.

Morrell? Got a promotion to Major and an MBE.



  1. Good job Mike. I was also impressed by the article. I hope you had less trouble with the turret welds. Andrew

  2. Very cool! A great article as well.

  3. Great conversion and thanks for sharing the link to that great story.

  4. I did this with the PSC 1/72 Churchill. Great kits for modding.

    1. Sweet - I assume it's pretty much as simple as in 15mm?


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