Tuesday, 2 September 2014

RIP Cuddles

Not at all wargames-related, but... we said goodbye to one of our cats today.


  1. I feel for you. My pets are a big part of my gaming experience. Some of my micro armor bases have cat fur on them and Benny my oldest always sleeps on my figure cases before a show.

  2. Yes, RIP, Cuddles. Hopefully we will all meet up with our departed pets in the next life!

  3. That's awful news Mike. My little mate Shanks is my nighttime painting and TV watching pal. He looks a lot like Cuddles too.

  4. Sad news Mike and Ann. RIP Cuddles.

  5. Sorry to hear this, having cats I know the hole they leave when they pass


  6. Sorry for your loss. It's never easy losing a beloved animal.


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