Monday, 11 August 2014

Chain of Command supplements are coming thick and fast this week!

So, remember when I said if you want to scale up a war-game to cater for more players and a bigger sense of epic, take careful note of the rule scale as it pertains to what size of unit it's'optimised for?

Turns out I was wrong. At least in one case.

Herewith, from the folks at TFL, the free "Big CoC" (yes, you may all snigger now) supplement.

It's a free, 12 page download which covers rules and notes to add to Chain of Command to allow you to play big multiplayer games, with each player controlling a platoon sized force.

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  1. You weren't wrong per se... the jump from a platoon, to two or three platoons isn't really scaling up as such. If you were to try using CoC for company+ size actions à la IABSM then you would run into real problems with it.

    The jump between platoon commander and company commander is nothing like that between company commander and battalion commander.

    With Big CoC you're just stretching things a little... ooh err missus. ;-)


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