Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Battle report - 15 Oct 2012 - IABSM3

Another round of 'introduce IABSM to the club': again the first scenario from the book, this time with AndyM and Chris playing the British, and AndyMac the Germans.
Map (from IABSM rulebook,
© TooFatLardies 2012)

It went very differently. AndyM and Chris decided very early on that advancing on a prepared German position across a large cornfield that didn't afford overmuch cover was best done as fast as humanly possible. The end result of that was that they actually managed to knock out one of the German MG42s very early on (situated on the NE corner of the northernmost copse), and caused them to fall back to a second line of defence in the middle of the little hamlet.

The Germans' second line of defence
(or perhaps, de hedge).
Amusingly, the two sides of the road were a hair more than close-combat range apart (by accident, not design), so that part of things degenerated into a long, scrappy firefight.

AndyMac's second MG42, though, had moved to the south-easternmost (red-roofed) building, from which it basically denied the British any chance at a flanking manoeuvre - directed MG42 fire on a target in the open is really not funny if you're the target! (between 6 and 15 hits and at least a pin, making you a sitting duck for the next time).

In the end we ran out of time, though consensus was that a) next time I'd spend less time looking things up as umpire and b) it would probably be a narrow British victory as sheer weight of numbers and firepower would win out.

A good time was had by all - I'm starting to really enjoy umpiring IABSM!

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  1. Agree, umpiring is great! But I miss playing from time to time at least. Good luck with your efforts to "convert" your club mates to the TFL community!!!


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