Sunday, 24 April 2016

Back from the Royal Armouries...

...with a pint of Papworth Brewery's finest (Mad Jack), a cat and a slice of apple and walnut cake.

Apologies for no post yesterday - I didn't have a laptop with me, and the iOS Blogger client refused to connect.

As I said on Twitter, I found it somehow delightful to be playing a set of 40 year old rules (Skirmish Wargaming dates from 1975) with figures some of which were almost certainly at least that old. We only tweaked the rules a little - we dropped written orders in favour of token-based activation (in the style of TFL/Bolt Action), and we made a small tweak as we didn't think English archery was lethal enough against armour at close range. Other than that? The rules stood the test of time, and apart from the need for the main lookup table (one percentage roll determines both whether you hit and where you hit), we were pretty much running things from memory.

My thanks to Rob, Reuben and Dan from our club, and to Kirsty and the rest of the team for a great weekend (and pleasant company at Saturday night's excellent curry)!

So... here's a gallery of photos from the weekend.
The French camp. Tents are resprayed Timpo, bombard is (as
promised) four cotton reels and some balsa, and the barricades
are from our garden

The English archers get stuck in during game 1 on day 1.

"'Ere, Hal. Reckon tha' can 'it one from 'ere?"

View from atop the English-held castle, game 2, day 1.

Partway through the bloody carnage that was the last game on day 1.

"Oi! Frenchy! Stop pointin' that bloody spear at me!"

Carl from Second Thunder's smaller skirmish using Open Combat.

The Perry's 4300 figure Agincourt model.

One of the periscope views onto the Agincourt model.

To me the more historically fascinating model - the smaller of
Captain Siborne's Waterloo models.

An Allied square on the Siborne model. I have always wanted
to see his models.

Back on the last game of day 2... the only game on which the
majority of the French crossbowmen fired more than once!

Kirsty FINALLY gets enough of a break to play a game of
Open Combat.

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  1. One of the periscope views onto the Agincourt model.

    Surely Perry-Scope.


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