Tuesday, 25 December 2012

It's Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!!!!

(to quote the inimitable Mr. Noddy Holder).

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish my readers a very happy and peaceful Christmas, however you may celebrate it.

I'll freely admit that I'm taking shameless advantage of Blogger's ability to schedule posts, as I'm probably (at the time this is posted) enjoying the first slice of Christmas cake, a piece of Wensleydale (don't knock Christmas cake and cheese as a combination till you've tried it!) and a very nice single malt Scotch up at my parents near Hull.

Until Boxing Day, then - have a good one!


  1. Have a great Christmas and enjoy the cake and cheese but you need a port with that

  2. Have a great Christmas, I eat maltloaf with cheese and now I will try crimbo cake as well


  3. Merry Christmas, Mike. May we one day find the opportunity to sing together once again. I'll take the off-key part.


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