Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dux Britanniarum player notes

For those interested in Dux Britanniarum who aren't lucky enough to get the Mighty Dux to offer to come along to umpire, can I draw your attention to Rich's player notes on the Lard Island blog? Very useful set of hints, tips and clarifications. I think the two things I'd add to them are:
  1. the Yahoo! group is a great place for getting your questions answered - Rich is a regular poster, as are any number of other regular Dux Britanniarum players;
  2. point 2 is best summed up by a quote from the Wikpedia entry on IABSM which I have mentioned before:

"Most games on the market, in general, pre-suppose that you will be playing with reasonable people with whom you are at least quasi-friendly. IABSM takes this supposition and advances it even further. These are NOT tournament type games rules because frankly they rely on players being more concerned about having fun than winning a trophy."
Most problems and interpretations of things, like how many dice/pips to knock off for an obstacle or strange manoeuvre/action or whatever, in Dux Britanniarum can be solved by mutual consent and being reasonable human beings, even without an umpire :D

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