Friday, 25 April 2014

Wish list

Having just had a nice bonus from work, and had the wife spend most of it (ok, to be fair, the new bathroom's long overdue, and I did offer, but not before I ordered the new camera...), I've been pondering what I might have spent it on in an infinite and home-improvement free universe...

The unpainted pile is pretty huge - regular followers should have a rough idea of what's in it: lots of 15mm WW2, 28mm Greeks, 28mm War of the Roses, 28mm WW2 in several flavours and 18mm Napoleonics are the main ingredients, and I have, I think, enough projects with those to keep me going for a good while (and that's without counting the Deadzone and Sedition Wars Kickstarters!)

What I was actually pondering was what I'd like to see that isn't already out there: brought on largely by wondering exactly why Warlord decided to add yet another set of 28mm plastic British Napoleonics to the two already out there (Victrix and Perry), and what they could have done instead. 

Top of the list? Has to be the Perry WOTR men at arms and light horse when they come out. I am much taken by the Sharp Practice WOTR variant courtesy of Silver Whistle, not in the least by the fabulous terrain. The rules in question are in the TFL Summer Special from 2013.

I'd love to see Conquest Games follow up on their Normans with some conversion sprues or similar for early Crusaders, the Anarchy, etc. Something tells me Gripping Beast or Fireforge might beat them to some of those, though (although I suspect Fireforge are tending later in that era).

I'd like Man At War to hurry the <deleted> up and bring out some 95th Rifles in their Napoleon At War range (as well as get those Dutch-Belgians cast!), and while we're at it, could *someone* (looking at you, Victrix) please make some plastic 95ths in 54mm, as I'd then be hard put to resist some large scale Napoleonic skirmish. (That game (link via JJ's Wargames report on the show) at last year's Salute was really really pretty!).

Other than that? More vehicles in 15mm from PSC - specifically the 6 pdr and Loyd Carrier in 15mm would make me very happy, as would a M3/M5 variants kit like the SdKfz 251 kit).

So that's me. 

What about you lot?


  1. Oh, that is dead easy! I want Red Star to win the lottery so they can put Mr Hicks to work creating hard plastic Viet Minh and French Foreign Legion and Paratroops to flesh out their metal range.

  2. CVA-01 in 1:6000. What can I say, I'm getting a little specialist these days.


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