Saturday, 26 April 2014

(Audio)Book review - "Decision in Normandy" - Carlo D'Este, read by Tom Weiner

I could wait till I've finished this before I review it, but quite honestly, most of what I want to say isn't going to change if I wait, so...

The book is subtitled "The Real Story of Montgomery and the Allied Campaign", which sums it up pretty well. It's a breakdown of the higher level politics and command decisions involved in the planning and execution of the British/Commonwealth side of the D-Day invasion. As such? It'd probably make a fun read.

However, it's badly let down by the performance on the recording. By contrast with Gordon Griffin's excellent Peter Fleming "Operation Sea Lion" book, there's very little light and shade in Weiner's voice: it's a dull, flat reading, in which it feels more like he's just reading the words than actually following the narrative. He doesn't pause for section breaks, he doesn't audibly change his 'voice' for quotes (and believe me, there are enough quotes in this book that that's a biggie)...

In short? I may go find a print copy to find out what I missed.

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