Thursday, 3 April 2014

Salute Blogger Meetup

Are we doing one this year?

If so, can I suggest the usual time and place - 1pm, seating area in the middle of the wall at the right hand end from the main entrance?

Failing that, I and the club will be on stand GL10 for the day.


  1. Enjoy guys! Another year that I`ll be missing THE event

  2. I will be there and the time is good with me as I have arranged a VBCF meetup at 12.00 at the VBCW table. All are welcome too.

  3. Sounds like a plan. I'll be there, same as last year.

  4. I probably won't still be there at 1pm. Would have loved to have met some of the internet personalities of the UK wargaming scene.

  5. Same as last 2 years sounds like a plan to me. See you there hopefully.

  6. I will finally be there this year! So will be sitting around that area at the 1pm mark or so! Looking forward to meeting up with everyone!

  7. I'll swing by again between the shopping frenzy!

  8. I'm at Salute, helping the Irregulars with the Keren game.
    I'll see if Scrivs and I can both sneak off at the same time and meet up.


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