Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Battle Report - 31-Mar-2014 - Chain of Command Brécourt Manor

I really am losing track of days of the week here! It is Wednesday, right?

As you'll have seen from Monday night's blog, Gary and I had another crack at Brécourt Manor for Chain of Command. This time I took the Germans, and we tweaked a few things from last time, mostly moving the Germans more into one corner so we could have a proper patrol phase.

I think we're going to have to tune the force morale levels or something a bit (perhaps make the German gun crews not count) as it seems it's impossible for the Americans to take all four gun points before the Germans break :D


My dice still suck - I had two of the weirdest and least useful dice rolls for command dice - 1,1,4,4,6 as my first roll, and also a roll of 1,5,5,6,6.

As Rich pointed out in the forum recently, close combat is unbelievably bloody, especially if you're attacking a team in hard cover. The maxim is "Pin, Pivot, Punch" - pin 'em, move round to avoid MG fire and assault, but in CoC the pin is absolutely key. A pinned opponent in close combat loses half its dice, which means you lose (on average) half your casualties.

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