Saturday, 14 September 2019

Sarissa Streets of Rome^H^H^H^HVenice Workshops

Ok, I lied. Change of plan as Anne has volunteered to do a Sunday shift 9-7 (her vet surgery pays good overtime) so I have all day to work on the Dux Compendium tomorrow. Besides, a parcel from Sarissa arrived in the post this morning, while we were painting a couple of bits of the outside wall of the studio (that's 1:1 scale painting) that needed it, and... well... I just had to.

A (very) small gripe about the TT Combat Venice range is that most of the buildings are residential, and I wanted some dockside buildings. So I went for a couple of Sarissa Streets of Rome buildings - specifically this one and the warehouses. And given my grumbles yesterday, I got out the spray cans and masking tape...
Sarissa's usual packaging...
Ahh. The smell of fresh hewn MDF...
Ok - doors sprayed with AP Chaotic Red and masked off.
Base sprayed with Halfords grey primer 
That's actually GW Chaos Bone - I really must find a cheaper off-white primer that's paler than AP Skeleton Bone...
101 uses for a 1-2-3 block, number 98 - holding the awning struts while they dry on the sprue. 
Frames pre-sprayed with AP Chaotic Red and then attached. As you can see, the masking tape leaked a bit when I did the Chaos Bone... but never mind. 
I'll touch those up later (and stick that odd corner down properly right now!).
Roof sprayed with PSC Field Grey, which is quite a decent slate-ish colour, and usefully I have matches for it, for touch-up. Base has been washed with Vallejo Sepia Shade.The whole thing needs a little touch up in a few places, and maybe some weathering on the roof, but that's pretty much all done without the aid of a brush (except for the PVA :D).

Also, usefully, it's almost exactly 3 blocks of the TTCombat street sections long, and a bit less than two wide (giving an alley down the back). I may add some bollards as scatter scenery.

Friday, 13 September 2019

One building finished

...mostly because I wanted to see how long it took, and where the pitfalls were.

Mostly, the fact that greyboard soaks up a LOT of paint, and you don't see the final colour till it dries, and cut edges just don't take paint. I need to do the roof bottom edge again. Probably more than once.

With hindsight I'd give serious thought to pre-spraying everything possible before starting gluing stuff :D

Anyway, here we are. I also cut back the sepia wash on a few test street pieces with 200 grade sandpaper and added some AK slime green bits. Not doing any more this week - Dux Compendium tomorrow.

A mix of Wilko tester pots (the stucco and stonework), 4Ground paints (the shutters, individual bricks and tiles), AP Uniform Grey and Fur Broan(the steps) and AP metallics (the door).
I actually braved a 3D effect on the door (copper, bronze highlights, 50/50 copper/dark gunmetal shadow), and gave it a very light wash in some of the corners of a verdigris-type shade.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Streets finished (just about)

Since I was on a roll, I finished off the last of the Venice street pieces, ink-washed them and added some waterline algae using green paint and a piece of ex-Battlefront blister pack sponge.

Before wash...
After, but still drying.
Annoyingly, there are brush marks on some pieces once they've dried, which I'm still debating how to deal with. Definitely not 100% happy.

The whole lot...
...with waterline algae.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

More TTCombat Streets of Venice

...with help from (and a good natter with) Andrew from the club.

It's interesting that I can't find anyone online who's blogged or videoed a painted set of these.

So... Gallery of stuff to follow....

Lazy man's distressed brick, using a couple of AP spray primers (it's hard to shoot one handed while wielding a spray can - I really need a spray booth!) Before anyone comments on the video, the spatter on the window frame behind is not recent, it's from an accident with a can of dark grey Rustoleum texture paint several years ago, and it's a swine to shift (as my wife keeps reminding me :D).
Masking off the brick prior to spraying the grey.
A rough spray with Halfords grey primer.
And an evening's work for two of us - basically a lot of picking out of individual bricks in 4Ground's Dark Stone, Pale Stone and Slate Grey. I'll knock the brightness and grey back with some Vallejo Sepia Shade when it eventually arrives from Amazon, because I don't want that pure a shade of grey, because stone flags aren't that colour. 
The rest that we finished, plus the brush stash for scenics (Hobbycraft, a tenner).
The rest of the work I did before Andrew arrived - just spray cans (AP Fur Brown for the bricks, AP Chaotic Red for the roof tiles) and a bit of masking on the cream (AP Skeleton Bone) stonework on the tower. Further work to come.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Venice and Chef-du-Pont

An odd combination, but they do have in common the fact that they're wetter than supposedly dry land should be.

Had half an hour spare after work to do a bit of prep for tomorrow, when hopefully we're having a painting session on the TT Combat Venetian Quarter set I picked up at Salute and Rob from the club very kindly assembled while I was in the US.

Gallery with captions below.
A stack of Venetian streets of various sizes and angles.
A fair-sized chunk of Venice.
Two spare 4'x2' MDF boards - a rough spray of Plastikote sea blue and an overspray of a muddy green (a spare can of Flames of War Sherman Drab), May well be used for Chef-du-Pont too. At some point they'll get several layers of tough gloss varnish.
First cut at a street section. AP Fur Brown spray, followed by a misting of AP Matt Black from a distance. Then I masked off the brickwork, and undercoated the rest with Halfords grey spray primer. Once dry, to finish the brickwork I used a light wash of Woodlands Scenics Concrete poster paint to pick out the mortar and accentuate the odd brick a bit, and then the bottom couple of courses were liberally washed with AP Military Shade. On top I picked out a few paving slabs with 4Ground Pale and Dark Stone.
 Final touch, a light wash with Vallejo Sepia (I'm almost out and I missed the Amazon next day delivery time by 10 mins! Grrr!) just to knock back the starkness of the greys.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Club admin and selling Warhammer Great War

Been a hobby bureaucrat today - various bits of club organising (like booking for our Marston Moor all day Pike and Shotte game on the 6th October - ping me if interested), and putting some stuff on eBay.

Specifically, these two.
Warhammer: Great War
Over the Top
I will sell to a follower if you make me a reasonable offer, otherwise bid away and good luck.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Catching up on Dux

Gardening done, fridge/freezer moving (twice - I was very good and didn't say "told you so" when the place we were moving it to turned out not to be at all suitable) done (yes, it's back where it was).

Back to the Dux Compendium. As usual, when I've been away from it for a bit, I read through what I've done, and as usual, I found a bunch of bits that aren't up to scratch, so I spent most of an hour tidying, fixing ambiguous phrasing etc. For once this didn't involve moving images that had come unstuck from their associated text! Then I found I'd misfiled my task list, and eventually unearthed it on my iMac and moved it to Dropbox where I can't lose it.

So, we have ten writing tasks to complete (annoyingly I spotted one I missed just now!), five playtests (oh you lucky folk at Steel Lard!), and then the index... which I'm dreading :D I'm aiming to cross off two of the writing tasks a week, and get cracking with local play tests just as soon as I can, after which it gets farmed out to the folks champing at the bit to test it.

The end is in sight.
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