Saturday, 21 January 2017

Lancaster: Reunion of Giants

Heads up to anyone in the UK with Sky who is fond of the sound of MANY Merlin engines:  this documentary is showing on PBS America (channel 534) on Monday evening!


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Operation Get S(tuff) Done progress....

Just so no-one thinks I've been slacking since the last update, you understand:

  • Realm of Battle boards finished, Purity Seal'ed.
  • Total Battle miniatures narrow latex roads painted and flocked to match the RoB boards. Wide ones still to do.
  • Fair bit of 3D design work done working out the kinks in my process for doing buildings. Waiting on the print head coming back from the CEL Robox folks for a minor warranty fix, then I actually have FOUR commissioned jobs to do. 
  • Made some initial steps on Sekret Project HQ. Not mine to tell.
  • Sorted out the 15mm WW2 stuff after too many IABSM games with hurried cleanup left thing in wrong boxes! All infantry bases now labelled on the back edge with printed details of nationality/company/platoon/section. (And if you think nationality isn't necessary, I found two American sections in the German support tray last time!). Still debating what to do with Big Men given variable Level/number in scenarios.
  • Got re-elected Chairman of Peterborough Wargames Club. (Still no-one else mug enough to take over :D)
  • Found a graphic designer (right under my nose) for Sekret Projekt C.
If anyone wants the force labels as a big Excel spreadsheet, let me know and I'll clean it up for consumption by people who aren't me :D

Basically, each sheet has enough print, cutout and glue labels for all the infantry bases (but not Big Men) for a battalion (with intrinsic supports) for US, GB or German as per TFL's "Battle For Liberation" with (at least in theory) correct company/platoon numbering. The latter was a headache: as I understand it:

  • US: Companies lettered across a regiment, so A-C company, then D is support company, then E-G + H, etc: platoons numbered 1-3 within each company, sections 1-3 within platoons.
  • GB: A-C company, platoons 1-6 are various battalion supports, then A company has platoons 7-9. B has 10-12 etc: sections 1-3 within platoons
  • German: As far as I can tell, companies are numbered across a regiment, so a battalion may have 1-3 or 4-6. Zug 1-3 within company, Gruppe 1-3 within Zug.  Anyone with better info, help!
Anyone who knows better, I welcome corrections. Just hoping not to need to relabel TOO much! I'll provide the ability to pick which set of battalion companies you want the battalion to start at for German and US.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Meeples and Miniatures Patreon

Allow me to quote Mr. Shuck:
After a year or so of procrastination, we have finally launched a Patreon campaign for the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast.
Patreon is a crowdfunding website for people who create –  be that podcasts, videos, music…all sorts of stuff. In short, it’s another – perhaps easier – way of supporting the show, should you so wish. There are a number of support levels available – hopefully they are all self explanatory, but if not, feel free to ask us any questions.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our first 10 years of podcasting. We will continue to try and make the best show we possibly can.
What he said. No obligation to support us, it isn't going to stop us podcasting if you don't. It just will allow us to do better podcasts, maybe video, replace ageing hardware, etc etc....

The Patreon link is here.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year resolutions

Happy New Year, all. Let's hope 2017 is a GOOD year :D

So. New Year Resolutions.

I only have one, and I make no apologies for the language. It is:

Get shit done.

Too many outstanding projects, secret and otherwise, that need doing. Time for Operation GSD. I've already made a start, as Anne's out of the house for the afternoon so I can make a mess (as long as I clean it up!)....

That's the rest of the Realm of Battle board grassed and drying, top right. Just needs an ink wash on the rocks and we're done. My Total Battle Miniatures roads are on the stocks - the narrow set have their Bitter Chocolate undercoat drying as we speak. (Plan is to paint the ends last.)

Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 in review

It's been... a year. Perhaps wisely, I didn't plan anything for 2016, so this is all bonus :D That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

On the good side, we ran the second Hereward Wargames Show, which seems to have improved on the last with more games. more traders, more floor space and more people through the door, so hopefully we can continue apace. We seem to have also found a formula for the Meeples and Miniatures podcast that works, which people seem to like, including some excellent guests (I'm particularly delighted to have found both Kirsty Rogers (sadly, no longer working for the Royal Armouries in Leeds, but her new job at the National Trust might yet have potential for more wargames tie-ins) and Harry Sidebottom (wargaming historian and author) as guests, as a change from people with rules/Kickstarters to promote!

On top of that, I bought a 3D printer, which, as well as provoking a lot of discussion on the podcast, has been a real eyeopener in terms of getting stuff made for various games.

Gaming-wise? A lot of IABSM, as well as various other Lardy rule sets, some Kings of War and a few interesting one offs including Full Thrust, Altar of Freedom and Halo Fleet Battles.

Various things got painted - mostly 3D printed vehicles - and I did finally start in on the 4Ground French 15mm stash. A bit.

Secret projects have come and gone:

  • Sekret Projekt W has been pre-empted (very well) by someone else, so is probably shelved;
  • Sekret Projekt D (the Dux Britanniarum Compendium) is on the go - as I've said a couple of times, playtesting is important for the scenarios, so it's going to take a while yet;
  • Sekret Projekt A is still being thought about, though I have identified several potential customers;
  • Sekret Projekt L, the Lardy Lists site, is on hold pending me finding a week with nothing else to do to get it caught up with all you prolific people;
  • Sekret Projekt P is rolling along nicely, thank you;
  • Sekret Projekt C is next in the writing queue after D.
On the not-so-good side, my eye is still playing up. And we lost Nick Hawkins.

Watch this space for New Year Resolutions tomorrow.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Secret Santa

Many thanks to my wargames Secret Santa for reminding me how nice the Napoleon At War 18mm sculpts are. I really MUST work on getting the stash painted this next year!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

A Merry Christmas to all my readers

Written in advance, since I fully expect to be on the list of creatures not stirring by midnight, or in church for Midnight Mass, depending on how the mood takes us. The former being slightly more likely as I'm in church again at 9:15 to play bass in the Christmas morning service :D [Amused note for the musically-minded - the hymn list includes 'While Shepherds...' to the tune 'Cranbrook'.]

Here we are again then. Hoping Santa and his helpers bring you lots of cool gaming stuff for Christmas: as usual, Anne and I exchanging small token presents and leaving each other to buy what we want, so I'm expecting a pair of socks :D On the 'things I've bought' list, I have Battlefront's rather nice Italian Monastery (it's only spoilt by the fact that the paving stones are a flat, unrealistic grey, despite everything else being nicely textured and shaded). Also two boxes of their vineyards, a German pioneer platoon, some 4Ground 15mm chain link fencing, three reels of 3D printer filament, and whatever the wargaming Secret Santa is bringing me (I have a guess, given who it was bought from, mind).

In addition, I received a very nice gift a little earlier in the month from podcast listener Jonathan Yuengling, namely three rather nice resin 15mm WW2 support vehicles (a Dingo and a couple of trucks) from Gaming Models in the US - once I get round to them in the to-paint list, I promise some photos and a review. Thanks, Jon!

Yesterday's other nice surprise was the Too Fat Lardies Christmas Special - kudos to Nick and Rich for getting it out in time despite the ravages of 2016, and I'm in it! If you've been following the club's recent IABSM adventures, this is the Out Of The Frying Pan scenario for IASBM. Enjoy!

And that's that. Best wishes for a peaceful, stress-free and drama-free Christmas. See you on the flip side!
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