Sunday, 5 July 2015

You know you've been a modeller too long....

...when the wife assumes that anything useful in the paint/glue department in the house will be in your workshop, not the shed.

As it turns out she was wrong: since I don't paint with enamels, or use the Army Painter dip (I use the ink washes) any more, I hadn't stolen the white spirit :D

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Audio book review - "Night Raid"

To give it its full title, "Night Raid: The True Story of the First Victorious British Para Raid of WWII", by Taylor Downing. It's the story of Operation Biting, the paratroop raid on the German Würzburg radar facility at Bruneval in northern France.

Actually, it's quite a bit more than that - it starts off with the para drop, and then flips back to cover the history of radar before and during the war, the set up of combined arms operations under Louis Mountbatten, and ranges widely about just about anything that's even remotely connected to the raid. To be fair, the raid itself would probably only merit a short book, maybe three or four chapters, but the surrounding context makes for fascinating reading (or in this case listening).

If I have a gripe, it's that the author seems to forget what he's written, and if, for example, he needs to mention an event in two different chapters in two different contexts, it's covered the second time as if he'd never mentioned it before. If I did that in an essay I'd have been accused of padding. :D

That aside? Cracking story, and one I quite fancy trying to war-game. The audio book is read by Gordon Griffin, which is pretty much all you need to know: clear, well-phrased, subtle \character' voices, well up to his usual standard.

Well worth a read or a listen. 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Meeples 150 coming up real soon now. and we thought it would be fun to do something different (well, I suggested it and Neil didn't argue :D).

So. episode 150 will be a listener questions show: this is your chance to find out what our Desert Island boardgames are, whether Neil and I will still be talking after the first game of the NFL season, why Rich is now a fan of Chain of Command, if Dave is really that tall, how many loopholes we've all found in our New Year pledge, what Hobbsy is painting next, and if Neil's painted anything yet! The world is your oyster. To quote Neil:
You can:
Post it in the comments [Mike: including here]
Post it in the comments section to this news on the Facebook page
Post it to our Twitter Feed @mandmpodcast with #ep150
Send it to with a subject of EP150.
Cut off for questions is around the 13th of July – we look forward to hearing from you!
 All yours, ladies and gents. Have fun!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Great War

Well, you were going to get an unboxing series on the PSC Great War box which arrived today (OK, it arrived Tuesday but I only picked it up from the sorting office today) but my camera's flat, the wife has nicked the iPad charger and my iPad's flat, and my iPhone camera needs to go back to Apple as its autofocus has stopped working....

... so you'll have to wait. :(

Also. watch out for a fun announcement for an upcoming Meeples episode :D

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Kickstarter Watch - One. Two. Twelve.

Not the typical Kickstarter I mention - this one's an art-relaed Kickstarter from my good friend Tim's wife, who is .... kinda talented :D

I'll let her explain:
Hello, my name is Jackie Duckworth. I am an artist and illustrator based near Cambridge. 
As an illustrator, I love working to a brief - taking a client’s ideas or words and finding ways to make them into an image. But as an artist, it is also important to spend time on developing my skills, my artistic vision, by working on my own projects.
I want you to come on a journey with me, to see a year through my eyes. I want to be able to respond to images and turn them into ideas. I want to show you how I think, photograph, sketch and make work. And I want to share that with you, in an affordable way. 
My project is to make 12 hand printed linocut postcards, one per month. Each one will respond to a place that I have visited, a person I have met, or an event I have been to. I will choose all kinds of different of subjects and interpretations, challenging myself by compressing my ideas into such a tiny format.  
She also says:
Two of the events I am going to illustrate are the Folk Festival, and the Battle of Waterloo re-enactment, if you have a particular interest in either of those.
It's lovely work - go treat yourself. 

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hereward Wargames Show - trader list

Full traders list (to date) up on the website:
Still not too late to request a trade stand - look for the link in the red box on the traders page or the home page - we're one of the only shows to allow you to book online.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Dropzone Commander - a quick look

Given we had far too many generals on the Allied side (several of whom hadn't played in a while) I sat out ths weeks round of the Hundred Days campaign (in which the Prussians handed the French a good kicking) and watched Reuben and Vince play Dropzone Commander.

Veeerry interesting - nice quick play system, in which the rules didn't seem to need too much reference to the book (even though it was both their first game). The box set comes with a lot of stuff for the money, the minis are crisply detailed in some resiny-plastic hybrid that doesn't suffer breakages, and all in all it's a very nice little gaem. Definitely the kind of thing I might dip into, although it's Sails of Glory next week, then Dan's introducing me to the Full Thrust rules the week after.

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