Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Get it while it's cheap...

UK readers who don't yet have a copy of "Band Of Brothers" may want to hit their local Tesco (via Paul Baldwin on Twitter):

Monday, 30 May 2016

WIP Realm of Battle Board 3

Short update, as I've had a busy day followed by club.

The de-flocked board dried fine, and actually doesn't appear to need re-undercoating black. A quick run out to B&Q sourced the Holy Grail of terrain undercoats - Sandtex Bitter Chocolate, as promoted by the Mighty Dux himself, Rich Clarke. (Why it's so good I'll leave for the next Colour Concepts article!).

I have some black stone-textured spray paint (also from B&Q) which I used to overspray the filler that was hiding the skulls, as well as one of the more egregiously fantasy sections of cracked stone roadway. Only drawback with this was discovering it takes 24 hours to dry hard, so I wasn't going to get to wield a brush and the Bitter Chocolate, which was a shame as the sun came out.

Never mind. Next update not for a bit as there's this tedious thing called work...

Almost forgot - placed a big order with War World Scenics for lots of suitable grass.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

De-flocking a Realm Of Battle Board

[Cor, lummee. More GW in the last week than in like forever.]

A quick stint outside when I got back from cricket, and I can reveal the quickest way of getting PVA'd flock off a Realm of Battle Board involves a bucket of hot water with a touch of washing up liquid, and a couple of green washing-up/pan scrubbers. Thanks to everyone on here and Twitter for their advice.

The advantage of it being hard plastic, of course, is that you can get it thoroughly wet without causing the underlying substrate (not being MDF, say) to swell and warp, and that you can be pretty rough.

Board section is now on its face on the laundry draining board, will get any remaining moisture removed with kitchen roll tomorrow morning. and then re-sprayed black prior to undercoating.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

WIP on the Citadel Realm of Battle Board

Acquired a set of these last week - all bar one are just undercoated black, so I've started off with the important bit - filing the skull pits :D

[There is a theory afoot that the Warhammer Fantasy and 40K worlds are typically a few inches of topsoil laid on top of a couple of feet, or more, of skulls - either that or there are naturally occurring open-cast skull mines. Either way, this doesn't match the geology of the Iberian Peninsula!]

Managed to unearth some lightweight filler, so these are now out in the workshop (which is fortunately warm today) to dry.

The only problem I have left is the one board that the previous owner had started work on, which has been grassed, but sadly not in the colours I want, and a bit too evenly, as I'm looking for something more sun-bleached in general.

Anyone any good tips on removing PVA-attached grass? My immediate thought is get it very wet.

Friday, 27 May 2016

4Track Models

I hadn't spotted these when they first appeared, but the folks from 4Ground have been busy putting their considerable talents at making MDF not look like MDF to use making model railway buildings in 00 (20mm) and N (10mm) scale. If you game in either scale, I'd suggest a look at 4Track Models, particularly for those of you doing VBCW, because they're REALLY nice, especially the 'Station Road' range and the industrial buildings.

Me, I'm hoping they do the range in 28mm as well - join me in asking on their Facebook page if you agree!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Rather pleased with myself...

Madly busy day in London with work followed by a band rehearsal today, and I am knackered.


I have just submitted my first paying article for one of the big three wargames magazines :D

Happy Mike.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


(to expand on what I said on Facebook earlier)

I seem to have just had a terrible accident at the Perry's webstore, to the tune of a ragtag (deliberately so) collection of Frenchmen as opposition for Sharpe. As well as lots more stuff from Tablescape, and hopefully the last big Warbases order for a bit...

Ah well. I suppose there are worse ways of spending bits of the bonus... and it makes up for buying next to nothing at Partizan.
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