Sunday, 24 March 2019

Glue. Lots of glue. Lots of different glues.

Most of today's hobby time spent trying to get three MDF buildings and three bits of wall to stick to a piece of undercoated[1] Plasticard.

With hindsight, I could have productively spent the time finding my hot glue gun, which would probably have done a better job.

Anyway. Tis done, but I don't think I'll have time to start painting the base tonight.

On a related tack - a recommendation via Twitter from Martin at Warbases: fast-curing PVA for assembling their stuff:

Available from Amazon in 1L and 5L bottles (for those BIG projects). Also available in dinky 75ml bottles, according to the manufacturer's website.

[1] From the department of auto-correct: "undercoated" and "undecorated" are anagrams :D

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Busy Saturday

Mostly writing code for a non-work non-wargames project :D

However, I did update the Compendium bibliography with a bunch of stuff.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Empire At War 15mm Villa - almost done

Nothing new in the building process - just more of the same for the one remaining building and two courtyard walls. :D

Made slightly exciting by a local power cut while I had the last door in one hand and was about to pick up the superglue in the other!

All done now bar the base, which I'll do tomorrow, and the photos, which I'll upload from the phone, or once I've figured out why the file server hasn't come back up! [Answer - I accidentally unologged it while sorting out the wiring round the UPS! Doh!]

I may knock back the red on the brick inserts...

...and sand the front wall a smidge...

...and paint the steps...

...and maybe add some ivy.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Empire At War 15mm Villa - update and a correction

Oops - missed the shutters on the smaller building :D
I have two of the three main buildings finished.

There's a bit of a tale here: I took them to club a couple of Mondays ago, since I didn't have a game and figured I could do a bit of work on then. Like an idiot, while loading up the car to come home, I dropped one of the buildings in the carpark,. where the not-as-stable-as-I-hoped glue joints gave and it scattered under my car in about half a dozen pieces.

To my considerable annoyance, when I got home I found out that I'd missed one or two bits in my fumble in the dark.

There's no problem with the roof - I just set it
down all skew-whiff :D
After working on a few other things (like going to C2C :D) I eventually got round to placing an order for a replacement with Empires at War. Very prompt delivery. Finally got around to working on it again yesterday, and the important thing I should note in light of a criticism in my earlier review is they have, sometime since I bought the first one, fixed the internal floors to fit. Very snugly,. but they do fit.

The process, then. Assemble except for the shutters. Use artists texture paste to plaster the walls. It's kind of like Polyfilla but a little smoother - I'll probably stuck with the latter for 28mm buildings but this is superb for 15mm as the texture is a bit finer. Then a layer of AP Skeleton Bone, or the equivalent shade in a tester pot of emulsion, then a fairly heavy dry brush in white. 

I'm becoming a fan of this.
I discovered by accident a handy trick for the latter - I squeezed some AP White out onto my palette (a spare Pringles lid) in a relatively thin layer, and got called away by my wife for about half an hour. When I got back it was still wet enough to pick up on the brush, but tacky enough to almost dry brush with without having to do the whole "pick up paint, wipe off" routine. 

That done, paint shutters, affix them, and then ink wash the pantiles. A little warning here - the plastic pantiles have two ways up. One is wrong. Ask me how I know. :D

Still have the middle building to rebuild (after its late night mishap) and the outer walls: I think I'll find some thin Plasticard or something to base it all on once done. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Miller's Tale 6 take two (work in progress)...

After not very much listening, I junked Sunday's abortive attempt (because it was pants) and had another go, this time fortified by tea and cake and actually having made some more detailed notes first!

It's not done - I'm up to 40+ minutes plus after mailbag, hobby news and catching up. Even with editing, I'm debating which of about three candidate opinion pieces is going to fit in the space, and then sit down and write notes for it, which is the plan for the rest of the evening with another cuppa. I have a deal with myself not to run past the hour mark, so...

Also spent a bit of the day tarting up some MDF buildings, which you'll probably get to see when finished tomorrow.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

More 15mm Italy

(apologies, no pictures but the phone's flat!)

Did some more work on the Empires at War Mediterranean Villa - one new and slightly annoying discovery is that the exterior wall caps are too long unless you fit them on the outside of the wall, which just seems wrong.

Otherwise, all going together pretty well. Debating how to texture the walls at the moment. 

Monday, 18 March 2019

Not really a Battle Report - March 18 2019 - IABSM "Kampfgruppe Stenmark"

Can't give away the details, as folks may well be playing this in a couple of weekends time. but suffice it to say I got the halftracks finished (without damaging that blasted bedstead aerial) as well as the Fiesler Storch objective marker and a British jeep.

Things you never think to ask when assembling a jeep - were WW2 British jeeps right-hand-drive? Turns out the answer is no, but I'd stupidly put a driver with a wheel in both front seats, so I had to over paint one with quite thick white so he looked like he was holding papers.

Anyway. Picture gallery without commentary for now. Other than to note that that's one of the best by-the-drill-manual uses of the British 2" mortar firing smoke I think I've seen on an IABSM table.

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