Monday, 20 May 2019

I missed a category in #hobbystreak

Namely, "Sysadmin".

The server that hosts both the club and show sites decided to throw a sizeable tantrum this morning. I suspect it was sulking after Saturday's power-cut, and one of its HD's decided to throw lots and lots and lots of errors. 

Of course, the other half of its mirror drive set had packed up last week, and I'd not got round to ordering a spare (normally I carry one, but James needed one for his games machine...) until the weekend.

Fortunately, I take backups. These days, onto 12TB of RAID'ed Network Attached Storage. And this is why. 

Decided that enough was enough (that's the fourth drive fail on that server in about 4 years, and I think there's an issue with its SATA bus), so finally bit the bullet and restored everything across to the new server once the Amazon order of 4 drives arrived :D Which was its OWN pain, as the new server's running a new version of the OS, not everything 'just works'... I spent two hours upgrading the club forum, and another hour just now chasing why I could receive but not send mail. 

You should notice the club and show sites are a bit quicker, and you should now be able to access them again!

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Partizan 2019

Busy day :D

Did lots of legwork for the show, and hopefully got some more excellent participation games and traders for your delectation and delight. Also had a couple of very useful conversations re Sekret Projekt S (which isn't that secret if you chatted with me at the show or can follow post labels on here! :D).


And then an hour dealing with the resulting social media and website fallout, trying to remember which club blog accounts trigger which social media accounts and in what order (arrrgh), why TweetDeck's "Embed Tweet" option is apparently broken, and generally Getting Caught Up.

Phew. :D

On a more sobering note, if you want to lend a hand to the Market Deeping Model Railway Club folks after yesterday's act of vandalism, I would encourage you to donate to their Just Giving fund.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Stamford Model Railway Show

Today's hobby activity was to have involved a trip to the Market Deeping club's model railway show, held in Stamford.

Unfortunately, I awoke to Reuben messaging me this tweet from the show sponsor, our local model railway shop:

It appears that four youths broke into the school hall that was being used for the show overnight (around 4am) and proceeded to do incalculable damage to both trade stands and the layouts that had been set up for the show the previous day. They triggered the alarm, but by the time the police arrived the damage had been done.

Words fail me.

Perhaps we're fortunate in our hobby that this is less likely to happen: most of the things we bring to shows as hobbyists are quicker to set up, and probably of less total value, than some of the magnificent pieces of work that some railway modellers produce. Too, in the cases where things are left overnight, we more often than not run shows at commercial venues with overnight security (even the Centre.MK used for Campaign) rather than schools, and perhaps we're luckier in that our tradition in the wargaming hobby has been not to pay exhibitors expenses, beyond free membership, which leaves us budget for even the smaller shows (which this was) to use more secure venues.

This doesn't stop it hurting. There's enough model railway stuff on the shelf right above where I'm sitting now that I recognise this is my hobby as well as wargaming.

I am heartbroken for the lost work - never mind the cost, some of the layouts that were callously trashed represented sizeable parts of a lifetime's painstaking work, were essentially irreplaceable.

I'm also, understandably, angry at the senselessness of it. There's been a lot of harsh words and violent suggestions on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere directed at the perpetrators, and I can understand those, as well as the frustration at the perceived likely futility of the legal process that will follow. (However, this post and its comments are not the place, please.)

I fervently hope that there will be some form of funding drive [EDIT: there is, here] to try and cover some of the damage done. When there is. I will link it here, and I will be giving what I can and encouraging others in our hobby to do so. These folks are our brethren, as I've said many times on here and in podcasts - we are hobbies divided only by our choice of subject material. This could have been one of our shows, or a club premises.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Time for a tidy up

Well, part one of one anyway.

That's my paints offloaded onto a paint rack this morning (see yesterday) now the glue's all completely set, and a decent sized RUB freed up. I figured having got that far, I probably ought to sort out the rest of the mess :D

So that's half of it, anyway. I need to reorder the shelves with sprays and 'big' paint containers on it (relatively big, anyway - the big can of Sandtex Bitter Chocolate and other 'scenery board' emulsions can live elsewhere), clear away the rubbish on the left, and debate whether I want a bigger and less knackered-looking cutting mat and a shelf for the old Citadel paints.

Then there's the crap under the desk :D

Thursday, 16 May 2019

And I have a paint rack...

Waiting for the glue to dry,
before I sort out a lot of
pots of paint into some as
yet unknown order!
 ...courtesy of the folks at Wargame Model Mods - not terribly expensive and pretty decently made. It can store up to 120 Army Painter/Vallejo style bottles, and is designed so the bottles are slightly angled so paint runs to the nozzle end.

Quite easy to assemble: two pieces for each of the sides, top, bottom and centre divide, which are all notched and fit together to make what's initially a somewhat rickety frame.  You then have 30 cross pieces - 20 with larger circular cutouts, 10 with smaller that hold the neck of the bottle - that feed through slots in the frame and then slide down (having slots cut) as well. It's a bit of a painstaking process, but the end result is surprisingly rigid. The only caveat, obviously, is making sure it's all the right way up so the bottles tip slightly down and away, bottoms facing you. That said? Love it.

Subtlety, thy number is 502.
I took Martin-from-Warbases' advice a few weeks ago and acquired the subtle (not) MDF glue. Works a treat on this - just worked with a brush into all the joint slots before letting each cross piece drop into place. It holds in about the time it takes to do the next row of cross pieces, but I'm leaving it overnight to go off properly.

And here it is loaded up.
I don't seem to need another JUST yet.
If you get one of these. I advise once you've built the frame to work with the frame upright (so gravity is helping the cross pieces to drop into place) and start with one of the middle cross pieces, then one halfway in each resulting gap. By the time you've done those three the frame will be rigid enough to stop you worrying :D

In a nutshell? Excellent VFM, holds my paints (so far, I don't THINK I have more than about 100 yet!). There are many out there from various manufacturers, but this one will do me just fine, thanks.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Another this'n'that day....

...but the 'that' will please some folks.

Having a couple of large rooms for hobby space I'n trying to keep them tidy, so a chunk of lunch was spent packing up after Campaign and digging out the vacuum cleaner :D Oh, and admiring the Warbases tower.

However, this evening I have done some work and thinking on the Dux Britanniarum Compendium, so it's not all maintenance...

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Finally the watch tower gets a roof.

Insane day today, but I did get time to thatch and paint the watch tower roof - teddy bear fur, industrial grade wood glue and AP Desert Yellow.

Not perfect, but it'll do. A little bit of teasing and straightening to follow, and maybe a drybrush, but its a start.

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