Sunday, 6 April 2014

Indiegogo watch... Tabletop S3

Not Kickstarter this time, but still something of which I'm very fond.

If you're a long time Meeples and Miniatures listener, you'll no doubt be aware that the podcast covers board games as well as wargames, and, indeed, that's one of the reasons I'm a fan.

The other boardgame-related show I'm also massively fond of is Tabletop. If you've missed it, Tabletop is a YouTube-based show in which Wil Wheaton and a number of guests play various boardgames: brilliant fun, very entertaining (even if they sometimes get some of the rules wrong!).

Anyway - the root of all this: Tabletop Season 3 needs funding - apparently the first two seasons were effectively funded by Google, but this next season needs a cool $500,000 to produce (and is already nearly halfway there). If you're a fan, like me, the link is here.

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