Friday, 18 April 2014

More WIP - Wargames Factory WSS Cavalry

No photos this time, as there currently isn't space on the workbench :D

I picked up two boxes of the cavalry a while back, and in fact I've used about half a dozen to make various officers and standard bearers. The rest I've been meaning to turn into a cavalry regiment for a while, and today I finally got started.

First off, the bad - same complaint as the artillery horses: there is no way of fixing the horse to its base bar two points of glue and a prayer.

On the good side, this box is amazingly versatile - 6 identical horse sprues, 6 identical and seriously loaded rider sprues. I can do no better than quote the manufacturer's blurb:
[It] can be made into 12 horsemen and comes with 12 horses, 12 sets of legs for riders, over 50 torsos (including armored torsos for cuirassiers) and over 60 heads (including tri-corn, helmeted, grenadier and dragoon headwear).  They can be armed with a brace of pistols, muskets/carbines and/or swords.  Heads and accessories are interchangeable with the WSS Infantry set for even more options!
I'm not even sure one couldn't fiddle a set of ECW cuirassiers out of this box, to be honest. There are certainly enough spare heads/torsos/arms left over from the average infantry build to produce mounted standard bearers, etc. as well. Again, EMA Plastic Weld works much better than the Humbrol/Revell stuff, which at least meant I didn't wind up with a headache after assembling 18 horses and riders.

 As I have guests for the weekend, painting them (other than the undercoat, which is done) will have to wait till Monday.

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