Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Battle Report - 14 Apr 2014 - WAB Age of Warlords

Round one of AndyH's campaign. The battle at the ford... against AndyM2 (not to be confused with AndyM, AndyB or AndyMac, either).

It opens with two champions duking it out at the ford - three rounds of combat, and Wulstan, son of Wulfhere (yes, that Wulfhere) lays the Angle Atheling low. And it all went downhill from there.

Winning the duel means I get the advantage of deployment, and get to sit two units on the ford while sending my cavalry forward on one flank.

What are we all forgetting here?

It's a Saxon army.

It's a Saxon Raider army, which means all its major foot units are warband.

Failed warband test for the Gedriht sitting on the ford, who have already been taking slingshot fire, and now charge headlong into two units of Duguth.

I think what's most impressive is that they lasted three rounds of combat, even with help from my Geoguth, despite being outnumbered.

Needless to say, the end result was Wulfstan got trampled (and wound up with a head wound) and the rest of my army fled.

On the good side - while Andy won the battle, Wulfstan did get the Glory - 5 points worth for killing the Angle's Warlord in single combat!


  1. Nice gaming; I reminisce of a WAB Dark Age Campaign we played here a few years ago. Alas I've lost touch with most the players since then, and no WAB at all.

  2. Nive rep.

    Could have done with a few more pics IMHO. Nothing like Wargames Porn to feast the eyes upon!



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