Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Battle Report - 7-Apr-2014 - WAB Age of Warlords

Monday night saw AndyH and I playing a small-unit WAB game as a warmup for the club's Age of Warlords game, starting next week.

Which did mean I got to spend an hour or two fixing an awful lot of spears and shields first.

The campaign works with 1000 points a side, made up of a minimum of 550 points of troops and the rest from characters picked from a retinue of 9 worth up to 750 points.

 I went for a bunch of small units. There's a campaign rule that basically says you get to keep the core units from your first battle, but can tweak numbers/equipment, so I could in subsequent battles go for larger units and fewer characters.

The scenario was simple - capture the hill and be holding it at the end of eight turns.

Deployment went pretty much as expected - we both sent our cavalry down the road, I attacked the hill with my Gedriht, with the Duguth and Geoguth to their right.

It's worth noting that the other variant rules in this campaign that make life interesting - units of 5 or less don't autobreak, and Army General's leadership applies to all units, even skirmishers.

This did make for the interesting sight of my lone surviving Geoguth driving away Andy's unit of bowmen, despite taking some withering incoming fire!

Unfortunately, that was about my only success. My dice clearly recognised that I was playing WAB, and barring one combat, spectacularly refused to cooperate (except right at the end). Even to the extent that my cavalry, which outnumbered Andy's AND had a character to boot? Completely failed to do them any damage whatsoever.

Ah me. Such is my life when playing WAB.

In the end, Andy had the hill, and my one surviving unit had no choice but to charge his hearthguard, in a vain attempt to drive them off the hill, or at least contest it and reduce his win from a Mighty Victory to a Close-run Victory... Needless to say? I lost the fight...

...needed a morale roll of 4 or less on 2d6 not to break...

...fluffed it...

...remembered my one surviving character in the front rank was the Army Standard Bearer...

...and made the reroll. Result. Ish :D


  1. Looks like a great game, smart looking troops!

  2. Very nice! Love your minis, and your road especially...

    1. Roads are Andy's - I even read the label on the bottom on Monday to see what make they are, but I've forgotten :D


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