Saturday, 5 April 2014

Another busy Sunday ahead...

Having spent today being "Dad's Taxi Service", as usual for a Saturday, tomorrow's a wargaming day, once i get back from playing bass guitar in church.


  • we're finishing off the boards for the club game at Salute - mostly this involves edging them so the blue foam doesn't show, but I'm also going to add a little more variation in the grass (some dandelions etc), and maybe build some front gardens for the buildings. I also need to assemble two more buildings, which I'll probably try and get a start on before church.
  • As I have a game of WAB with Andy on Monday, I really need to finish the repairs on my Saxons!
  • I'm off to Ayton for another round of Henry Hyde's Imagi-nation campaign on May Day Bank Holiday weekend, and I have 18 cavalry and 2 guns to build (from the good folks at Wargames Factory's WSS range). I may see if I can at least get them assembled.

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