Monday, 7 April 2014

Prepping for Salute

Well, we're nearly there. After another Sunday afternoon, this time with Rob and Carl from the club, we have most things done:

Six terrain boards, all of which still need edging so they don't look quite so... um.. blue. We tried black gaffer tape, but it really doesn't stick to the foam. They also need magnets inserting into the slots Andy cut in the 3mm board they're based on, just as soon as I get time to find where I put them!

 Rob's masterpiece: the graveyard.

Hardboard base, most of two packs of Renedra gravestones, lots of Javis Spring static grass (by contrast with the Summer grass on the rest of the boards), lots of assorted Woodland Scenics underbrush/bushes.

Personally, I think it's brilliant.

And it did inspire Carl and I to knock this together.

 The pub.

Not quite finished - I have about an hour or two's work to get the roof on, the windows and signage painted and some ivy up the walls.

The base is a spare piece of hardboard the club had no use for, the walls are a set of 28mm 4Ground walls I'd forgotten I'd bought. The ivy is Woodland Scenics clump foliage (usefully hiding several places where the walls don't quite meet :D), and the grass is Javis Spring again.
Some of the débris of construction. By my reckoning, by the time we're done we'll have used:

  • a six pack of 600x600x50mm Craft Foam
  • 1800x1200mm of 3mm board
  • 6 packs of Javis Summer static grass (buying out Trains4U in the process!)
  • a pack of Javis Spring static grass
  • a pack of someone's fine grass flock (for the village green)
  • half a big container of Woodland Scenics fine gray ballast
  • about the same of assorted grades and shades of Woodland Scenics clump foliage/underbrush/bushes
  • several different types of flower/grass tufts
  • at least two or three other kinds of static grass
  • about half a tub of Evostik PVA
  • a quarter of a can of cheap brown emulsion
  • from the Warbases VBCW range
    • 4 terrace houses
    • one church
    • one general store
    • one post office
    • one pub
    • one warehouse
    • one stile
    • one five bar gate
    • two post boxes and a phone box
  • 10 4Ground roof tile sheets (at least)
  • one pack 4Ground stone walls
  • one pack Ratio GWR fencing
  • half a dozen panel pins, two cocktail sticks and a wooden meat skewer
  • two cans of Boots unscented hairspray
  • a whole bottle of Army Painter superglue
  • from existing club scenery
    • one manor house
    • about 10' of Last Valley hedges
    • half a dozen Last Valley trees
  • many mugs of tea and most of a superb homemade red velvet cake (thanks Anne!)
And that's not counting a large platoon of Home Guard, just shy of 60 zombies and a squad of Germans.

See you at Salute stand GL10!


  1. That shopping list certainly looks like it was worth it. I will be coming to take a closer look

  2. You've found something that gaffer tape won't stick to? It's UNNATURAL! Kill it with fire!

    So you're not doing the PVA + tile grout mix that Rich at TfL favours for stonework. How do you get the grittiness?

    See you there…

    1. I dunno what Rob did on the cemetery - the pub walls aren't pebbledashed yet, though I'm considering a PVA/grout layer or something on those to hide the '4Ground' look.

      For the Commision Figurines 28mm farm we have, I'm toying with a stone-textured spray paint I found.

    2. Cake, there was "Cake"!

  3. See you at Salute, Mike! I noticed there's not much evidence of the remains of the cake in that last photograph!


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