Monday, 21 April 2014

Battle Report - 21 Apr 2014 - Shot, Steel and Stone

As a warm up for the Ayton game this coming May Day weekend, I attempted to refresh my memory with Henry Hyde's Shot, Steel and Stone rules - these are the set in The Wargaming Compendium, although we were working off the PDF set from Ayton two years ago.

The Vth (Careleton's) Regiment of Foot, flanked by
Johanesson's Native Horse (ok, ok, my Numidians
pulling double duty!)
Mine are painted and part-based for SSS (infantry on 45x40mm, although the cavalry are currently on 25x50mm singles and need rebasing). For those wondering? I did get both the guns and cavalry finished in time, although they all need varnishing and the latter need the horses painting something other than black undercoat :D

We picked some roughly equal forces, and had at, as it were. Grahame, as is his wont, sat and waited for me to come to him, barring a cavalry distraction on my left flank. It's probably a decent demonstration of the rules that penny-packet attacks against a line of infantry backed by heavy artillery gets you very dead. :D
The Guild of Barrelmakers medium guns, Jones' (IXth) Foot
and Byter-Legge's Jaegers. 

However, the aim of the game was to remind me how they worked in time for next month, and so they were a success on that score. They also served to remind me what not to do, so I guess that's good too :D

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  1. Those WSS figures look very nice indeed. Must do something more about mine...


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