Wednesday 9 April 2014

Painting videos from WSS

I seem to have missed these when they first came out, but they are extremely inspirational and useful, even if, like me, you can't paint for toffee.

Christy Beall from WSS Magazine has been doing a series of painting tutorials using the Foundry three-colour system, as beloved by folks who are good enough not to need Army Painter :D There are some really nice ones in there - I've just watched the War of the Roses archer one, and (were they not about fourth in the queue behind stuff with Real Deadlines) I'd be painting some of my stash this evening!

The YouTube channel link is here, and just for your entertainment, here's the WotR one:


  1. I'll stick with the Magic Was thanks :-)

    1. You and me both. Though I may change my approach to painting metal armour in the light of one of her other videos, and I'm definitely leaning towards the cheats three-layer system: paint, wash, dry brush with original colour :D

  2. Interesting set of videos. Thanks for the link.

  3. Wow, great link! I'm always keen to see videos of people actually applying paint to miniatures, so I can see where I'm going wrong!


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