Thursday, 17 April 2014

WIP - Wargames Factory WSS Artillery

Finally got cracking on my Imagi-nations cavalry and artillery for the May Bank Holiday (with the added motivation of a game with Grahame at the club on Monday).

I got started with the artillery: they're actually pretty nice, as are a lot of Wargames Factory's more recent sculpts.

Om each of the two identical gun sprues you get 4 crewmen, with a choice of half a dozen heads, plus one mounted officer, and a selection of arms of various sorts. In addition, the gun carriage comes with a choice of 8pdr or 12pdr barrels.

Assembly is pretty straightforward - standard 'multi pose' plastic 28mms, although Wargames Factory have switched to a non-keyed head/neck joint compared to their earlier figures, and they've, rather annoyingly in my book. made the figures simply glue on to their supplied bases by their feet. (Compare the WSS infantry, which have their feet stuck to the usual small manhole cover.) This is even the case for the mounted officer, which has a pose which means its horse will only have two points of contact with the base: not convinced by this.

They'd have gone together better if I'd remembered my discovery from the Parthian marathon, namely that the usual Revell/Humbrol 'yellow tube' liquid poly is NOT the best glue for WF plastics, but in fact the EMA Plastic Weld applied with a brush.

I've also started to discover that the 'yellow' liquid poly gives me a headache after about 10 mins, so unfortunately, these half dozen figures is as far as I got today.


  1. I got a couple of boxes of these a year or so ago. I got two guns the box with a choice of long or short barrels, 4 gunners per gun and a couple of mounted officers (which is my source of generals).

    If a firmer hold is required for the horses, I suggest drilling out a shallow depression - not too deep - of a size that the hoof can fit snugly. It will give you just that extra bit of surface area to glue, and firmness to the end result. That the hoof will look slightly sunk into the turf will look reasonably realistic, I think.

    Having said that, I simply used plastic cement to put my guys together. It seemed to work satisfactorily.

  2. They look good from where I'm sitting.

    Is there any chance of a close up of the mini's please?



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