Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dux Britanniarum Raiders supplement

As you may have noticed, in my Sa-loot was a copy of Raiders, the new supplement for Dux Britanniarum by Too Fat Lardies.

Your £18 gets you a 44-page rulebook, and a deck of 54 cards to add to your Dux Britanniarum deck as needed. The book adds four new forces to the core Dux armies, the Picts, Irish, Scotti and Northern British. They're all interestingly different, and the rules also provide for a whole bunch more unit types, including some fun cavalry variants. Unlike the original rulebook, it's black and white barring the cover and a few colour inserts.

You also get what is, effectively, a kit of parts for a campaign: you can go anywhere from using the Raiders forces as occasional nuisances in a classic British vs Saxons campaign, to a battle to become High King of Ireland, to a big sprawling whole of Britain campaign: this is helped by more maps covering the rest of the British Isles.

Also? Extra campaign rules that make use of some of the symbols on the maps that weren't being used before, and you finally get rules for an Armourer's Workshop!

For £18, which is basically the price of about 10-12 metal figures, that's pretty good. I can't wait to start adding to our Dux campaign world :D Go forth and buy, and tell Rich I sent you!


  1. I am still waiting for mine! Already got the pdf, thanks Crom!!

  2. Hi Mike, it certainly is a great supplement. Picked mine up at Salute - first thought was I have enough for a Pict force, then thought I should give the Irish a go as well (because I have a chariot) and before you know it off went an order to GB for some cavalry and skirmishers. So although the supplement only costs £18 the fallout from it can cost a lot more :-) Cheers, Norman

  3. It sounds excellent. One for the wish list.


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