Thursday, 28 January 2016

Alien Dungeon/All Quiet On The Martian Front goes under

 "We regret to announce that effective January 27th, 2016, Robot Peanut Studios, LLC, and its associated brands, Architects of War and Alien Dungeon have permanently closed their doors.
"This will be our last communication. Customer service inquiries will not be answered and there will be no additional communication on Kickstarter. We do not know what the final disposition of All Quiet and or other product brands will be at this time. We have to forfeit our participation in such matters to the court.”
This I think comes as no surprise.

Blaine Pardoe (there's a name to scare hardened BattleTech players with!) has some interesting comments, written before this announcement. 


  1. There's no surprise here. Hopefully some that are owed money will get something back but i really doubt it. A lose-lose story all round. Thanks for posting the "formal" response. A warning to kickstarter backers in particular.

  2. I was a big supporter of this kickstarter. Sad to see it fail in the end, as there was such high hopes & long term goals initially. I think most backers managed to get the lion's share of their stuff, except of course the last 3 large items : Overseer, Goliath & Thunderchild. Hopefully the line will be bought by another company & may find a new life! A lot of those with the game will likely continue to enjoy it & there is a fan forum to keep it alive

  3. Shame. I think the IP is great - and their future ideas for more humans (French, Prussians) and aliens (Morlocks, Venusians) were interesting - but the rules definitely need an overhaul.

    I do hope that someone else picks up the license, but then does that come at the price of disgruntled Kickstarter backers?

    In the mean time, I'll still search for a US Command Squad to get the starter set humans equal in points to the Martians, so I can pull out the two forces whenever I feel like a little All Quiet action.

  4. This does highlight again the potential risks of Kickstarters.

  5. So what's the actual cause of the failure? Overreach and excessive stretch goals, or just an unappealing product? From that notice it sounds like a bit of both. (Rick Priestley's name was enough to put me off, but there are lots of Warhammer gamers out there.)


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