Monday, 25 March 2013

A milestone, and a question

Today marks the 100th post since I decided (in mid-December) to make a serious effort to post once a day.

It's been interesting, and fun. Some days I've been scrambling to find anything to write about, or desperately finishing a Monday night battle report before midnight. Some days I've been four or five posts ahead (which is nice), but I do have a tendency to rest on my laurels at that point!

So, the question... (apart from "when will Mike STOP starting paragraphs with 'So'?" :D)

It's a multipart question (because, like a lot of my how-to posts, I can't seem to restrict myself to do just one!):

  • What would you like to see more of on the blog, if anything? [N.B. While 'Kate Beckinsale' is a valid and laudable reply, try and keep it to wargaming-related matters!]
  • What would you like to see less of on the blog, if anything?
  • Anything I'm not blogging about you'd like to challenge me to?


  1. So, a great milestone, Mike!

  2. Well done Mike!

    answers to your Qs:

    1. I'd like to see more posts about gaming wars between vampires and werewolves, perhaps illustrated by pics of Kate Beckinsale
    2. I'd like to see less (loose) clothing on Kate Beckinsale
    3. Get Kate Beckinsale to do a guest post

    And if you didn't guess that someone would provide answers like these, then shame on you! *lol*

  3. Well, Mike, I don't comment that often on your blog, but I really enjoy your technical posts, such as the last ones about photography. Quite interesting and useful.

    If you can go on like this, well, I'm good to go.



  4. So, I'm generally more interested in game design, mechanics, and play reports than in figures - but that makes me something of an outlier among wargamers, so as usual catering to me is a way to lose the rest of your audience. (See also the HP Touchpad.)

  5. Mike,

    I have to say I like the mix of article on the blog. Painting, modelling, opinion pieces, AARs and battle reports - it’s a really good balance.

    If anything, I like the more "left field" pieces the most - Helsinki Bus Stations, One Year Ago, Kickstarter opinions - those kind of things. They're difficult to write, but I enjoy them as they remind me of a leader in a newspaper of magazine - they tend to be a little bit more of the writer than a lot of other posts. More of these kinds of posts (or maybe just keep up the frequency of these) would be terrific.

  6. Congrats on maintaining the head of steam. Like you say, very hard to do.

    I agree with Mike regards the article mix and more left-field stuff. Please God no fracking Kickstarter though! There's enough shamelss promotion everywhere else...

    1. My policy on Kickstarters is that in general I'll only mention in Kickstarter Watch
      a) the ones that I think will interest my readers that I'm seriously considering spending money on and need the promotion
      b) the ones that have taken off so much in the hobby they're impossible to ignore, and about which I have something useful to say.

      Mike, kind of still wishing he'd pulled the trigger on the Dreadball KS.

  7. Nice one Mike, posting on a daily basis can be a toughie. I used to do it on my blog but in the end I had to drop back to three or four a week, just to keep my sanity intact!

    I'm with Sidney on this, I like the mix of articles you have and sometimes the ones that catch my attention aren't even gaming related. I did enjoy your series on Dice and probability which cut through the techno-babble and made it understandable even to a 'numerically illiterate' fellow like me. So more of these would be good (and maybe some Kate Beckinsale thrown in for good measure).

  8. I'd go with the flow. A good mix of subjects is always good. just keep doing what you're doing,

  9. Mike, I preceived a distinctive feature in each blogger that I follow. Yours is truly one of my favourites and there are several reasons for that: the great variety of themes, the writing style or the well-thought insights that you provide in many posts, among others.

    I'll just keep it as it is now and don't get too stressed to publish a daily post... blogging is for pleasure and not an obligation

  10. So...

    What you do is good, entertaining and informative and I can just echo the other comments here. Maybe you should be asking yourself "Why am I doing this?" - is it just for the 'hits', or is there some deeper and more valid reason? If you can answer that, then you'll find your way.

    A 'hit' is just someone 'visiting' and doesn't always mean 'avidly reading'.

    Despite the maxim, I've never believed that quantity has a quality of its own. There are blogs out there which churn out daily posts, sometimes more than one a day, but it doesn't make them worth reading.

    1. :D

      Very good point, and one I can answer. I'm doing it because I have a lot I want to say and share, I enjoy the challenge, and I appear to have discovered the niche in the wargames hobby that I'm good at.

    2. So... pretty much all the right reasons then.

      Myself, I'd just go with the flow, write what I want, when I want and try not to pigeon-hole myself, or set constricting goals, I've no doubt your blog will continue to be the better for it.

  11. Hi Mike:
    Your blog has come a long way. I appreciate your eclectic mix, especially your posts on news and new products which serves as a kind of listening post for the hobby. Keep it up.


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