Sunday, 3 April 2016

Preparing for the Royal Armouries Agincourt weekend....

Don Featherstone's original game.
As previously mentioned, I have been on a quest for various 54mm figures. These are for our club's game at Royal Armouries' (in Leeds) Agincourt weekend on the 23-24 April, where we will be putting on one of Don Featherstone's delightful little skirmish wargames from the book of the same name. As far as I can tell from the one photo in my digital copy of said book, his original game also used Britain's 1/32 (54mm) figures.

Bigger toys!
The quest has been pretty fruitful, although I continue to be surprised how wince-inducing the prices for some of the more recent out of production Britain's figures are - they used, for example, to do a box of 6 French crossbowmen, which have been discontinued for I think less than a decade. Someone on eBay wants £34.99 for THREE!!!

Anyway, I'm sorted bar one solitary crossbowman, which I hope to be able to track down in the next week or two, and possibly a bombard as I've just discovered Britain's do one. The last box, barring these, arrived today - actually these are new (unpainted) plastics from a Singapore company, but they're of a scale and largely of a style with the classic Britain's mouldings.

Hope to have these painted by Wednesday - they're already undercoated.

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