Monday, 18 April 2016

"Touching History"

I was cross with myself this morning, as I was reminded by a post on the TFL Yahoo! Group that I'd meant to pop over to Caliver Books stall at Salute and see if they had a copy of Paul Darnell's "Touching History" volume 1 (on building terrain for the Peninsula), and I'd clean forgotten (I plead having already bought loads of stuff and walked over 5 1/2 miles, according to my FitBit!).

You may therefore imagine my delight when I Googled for it, intending to bring up the Caliver page (where it's about £25), and found this - those lovely folks from Karwansaray Publishing (who publish WSS magazine) have it as a very decent quality downloadable PDF for under a fiver.

Thanks, Jesper!

SP2 players doing the Peninsula? You probably need this just for inspiration, if nothing else! Also note they have the other three volumes including North America...


  1. Paul Darnell - hugely skilled terrain/model maker but an absolute nightmare as a businessman. He still has £200 of mine from an unfulfilled commission of about 5 years ago. Great book!

  2. Yes it is a lovely book and well worth the money, but what ever happened to Paul Darnell?

  3. Perhaps it is my eye sight - but I am sure some of those red tile roofed buildings could sub for a late Romano-Brit town or Villa!

  4. Excellent books in that series, and well worth an investment.
    Paul Darnell said he was going into other art projects and leaving model making if I remember correctly.

  5. Nice link! Thanks for sharing!



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