Friday, 15 April 2016

All set for Salute, and travel tip for tube tomorrow

Bits and bobs printed off, wristband delivered by Reuben so I can get in in time for the stall briefing (but see below!).

So... If you're after a starter force for Sharp Practice 2, come talk to us on the PE2Collectables stall on TH14. Depending on stock levels (it is Salute, after all) we may not be able to help you there and then, but a) I do have a decent idea of what goes into an SP2 force and b) Reuben's prices are excellent. Odds are he'll have some package deals on the website soon after Salute as well, for some basic SP2 forces for AWI, the Peninsular War and the ACW that'd allow you to dip a toe in the water for a decent (well under £50 in some cases) sum, even including an extra support.

If you're coming by train via Kings Cross, be aware that the Westferry/Poplar section of the DLR is closed, and trying to get to the Excel via Bank will wind you up on a bus, the Circle is completely closed, and the Metropolitan/Hammersmith and City are part closed east of King's Cross. Best bet is take the Victoria Line from Finsbury Park (if your train stops there) or Kings Cross, and change to the Jubilee at Green Park to Canning Town: then you can get the bit of the DLR from Canning Town to Custom House (for Excel), which appears to be fine.

See you tomorrow!

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