Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sharp Practice 2 - preorders and short review

It's time. As Rich posted this morning, advance orders for Sharp Practice 2 will be open from now till the product goes on sale on April 23rd. You get the following choices:
  • Rules alone in hard copy: £25
  • Rules + card deck: £29
  • Rules + MDF chits: £28
  • Rules + card deck + MDF game tokens: £35
  • Rules + MDF chits + MDF game tokens: £34
  • Rules + card deck + MDF chits + MDF game tokens: £38
    Note - you WILL need a set of cards or chits to play the game, although obviously one set between two players is fine and you don't need both! The tokens cover markers for various states of units in the game, and are optional. ALL preorders come with a free PDF copy of the rules as well. Orders can be placed here.


    Well... I've had two demo games so far, both in different periods (War of 1812 and AWI - basically the rules will cover pretty much any part of the horse and musket era), as well as a look at a pre-release set of the rules. and I'm sold. The main takeaway was just how quick and easy things were to set up, how quickly folks learned the core rules and how surprisingly fast they were to play. I'm personally very grateful that a number of folks down our club have figures for several house and musket era forces, or I'd be spending money again... as it is, there's a part of me still fancying SP2 in the Peninsular in 54mm :D :D

    Seriously, though - I haven't had as much fun with a new set of rules since CoC, and these are coming close to rivalling Dux Britanniarum as my favourite set of rules (which as those who are regular readers will attest, is saying something!).

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