Tuesday, 26 April 2016

But there's no force list for it!

The other thing I expect to hear a lot of now SP2 is out...
When's the list for X coming out...?


There isn't a list for X yet, then?

You have two choices.

  1. Wait for someone else, maybe Rich if it's a common list, maybe not if it isn't, to produce it.
  2. Don't be afraid. Gird your loins. Take a deep breath. Do some research. Compare the results with similar lists and similar force types, hack out a decent estimate of the points and post it somewhere. If you get stuck, ask on the Yahoo! group, the Facebook group or the TFL forums for help. After all, it's a period you want to play that badly, then:
    1. this will be fun,
    2. this will be educational,
    3. this will probably garner you lots of helpful suggestions on how to make it better from people who may or may not know more than you about the period in question or list building in general,
    4. you will be hailed as a hero by the rest of the folks interested in X!
What's the worst that can happen? Your first attempt isn't brilliant, you learn something, and you, Rich or someone else eventually puts out a better list. 

Give it a go.


  1. Well said! I hope to have force lists for theKleine Kreig in Western Germany in the SYW started later this week!

  2. Seconded - well said indeed.

  3. It pretty much started before the rules came out, but is getting more frequent. I'm going to try and crunch the points values in the lists in the rules to do an points estimator in a google sheet that I can share soon.


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