Monday 4 April 2016

Battle Report - 4 April 2016 - Sharp Practice 2

Today the club was graced with the presence of Rich Clarke of Too Fat Lardies for a demo game of Sharp Practice 2. We had a startlingly good turnout (in addition to the 8 or so folks playing Frostrgrave, a game of Aggro and a game of X-Wing upstairs) which resulted in a slightly upscaled battle with 4 players a side and two interested spectators.

A classic encounter battle - the short summary, because it's late: basically a lot of feeling out across the river with various groups of skirmishers, before the Hessian cavalry came storming across the bridge and put two colonial skirmish to the sword before itself being routed. It fled past a column of British line that was following up, which proceeded to shunt some colonial militia off the bridge, before fanning out into line and collecting a bunch of musket fire for its pains.

There, we had to stop it, with things teetering a bit depending on what happened next in terms of card draw order. Brilliant game, though, and I know several folks went away inspired.

Some pictures - roads and foliage by Last Valley, mat by Citadel, rest of toys courtesy of Rich Clarke:

The river bridge. 
Some loyalist skirmishers deploy by the ford.
The cavalry are coming...
...and in the distance can be seen retreating back towards the
British line column.
It's all about to kick off big time on the bridge. British line in
column about to crash into the flank of some colonials. 
Things hang in the balance around the bridge and farm.

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  1. And I have my account of things on my blog too


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