Thursday, 28 April 2016

Secret Project .. what are we at now?

Just so we keep track:
  • Sekret Projekt W - on indefinite hold
  • Sekret Projekt C -part complete, awaiting a holiday to write more over the summer
  • Sekret Projekt D - the Dux Brit Compendium - well in progress 
  • Sekret Projekt L - should be released over the weekend :D :D (Now there's a teaser)
  • Sekret Projekt A - in the planning stage.


  1. As a spy I must tell you your Sekret project D is not a Sekret from anyone now as you just told Everyone what it was. Bad spy Kraft there TuT TuT.

    1. Oh, he's been blabbing about it since last month. Leaks like a sieve this one.

    2. OK, Ok. Sheesh. "The project formerly known as Sekret Projekt D", ok? :D

    3. Well it wasn't Mike who blabbed about it, it was that nice man Mr Clarke who let the cat out of the bag
      he also outed my secret project 'C'

  2. Sekret Projekt D is the one I'm excited about but will it put Sharp Practice 2 [my first game in progress] on the back burner?


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