Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Salute blogger meet up and me at Salute!

For those who missed the note on Ray's site, the annual Salute bloggers gathering will be the usual time (1pm) at the usual spot (well since last year), which is to say just south of the middle where the big red circle is.

Despite what you may hear in the pre-Salute episode of Meeples (due out 15th April), I will be in attendance - successful negotiation with the Domestic Authority means I'll be delivering James to tennis for the Friday evening session, not the Saturday while herself is on call :D

If you miss the meet up, you can find me either collecting various pre-orders from GB, the Dice Bag Lady and Warbases, or helping Reuben out at the PE2Collectables stand (TH14 - go there for excellent prices on all manner of stuff, including boxes of stuff suitable for Sharp Practice 2, on which we should be able to advise).


  1. Won't be there this year but y'all have fun now :>)


  2. I'll be there and maybe this year won't miss the blogger's meet up!

  3. Will give it a go to come to the meet up if possible.. just need to find a chance to sneak out of our booth for a bit ( BrokenToad Miniatures with Mr Lee's Minis in attendance ;) ).


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