Saturday, 30 April 2016

Figure poses - an idle question...

...while browsing figures for some opposition for my 95th and South Essex for Sharp Practice 2.

For units of horse and musket infantry, do you go for all the same pose?

Does the answer differ for a mass combat ruleset such as Black Powder vs a skirmish set such as SP2?

Does it differ for line vs skirmishers?


  1. I am a fan of having Napoleonic groups be similar if not the same pose for line units. Skirmishers I have no issue with them all being different poses. I pretty much only play Sharp Practice so milage may vary.

  2. For Napoleonics I prefer to have marching or advancing poses for line and more varied poses for skirmishers. However I might not stick to that formula for other conflicts in the blackpowder era. For example if (when) I get drawn in to colonials for Sharp Practice I won't mind the line units being in firing poses.

  3. I like varied poses for skirmish games, but more regimented poses for big battle games

  4. At first, I went for different poses for all figures, but I think with formations, similar poses look better - I mainly use Peter Pig figures, where you normally get 3 variants of each pose, so there's a bit of variety while the formation still looks like it's doing the same thing. With skirmishers, I use different poses.
    This is for Sharp Practice, I don't play mass battle games.

  5. Uniform poses for the line, skirmishing poses for skirmishers for me. The good thing with some of the newer ranges (and the plastics) is the variety in uniforms, heads, and subtle differences in poses, while still keeping a pretty uniform stance.

  6. I use 20mm plastics and I tend to use varied poses if only because I'd get bored painting the same pose over and over again.


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