Saturday, 9 April 2016

Sharp Practice 2 plans

The limited edition Sharpe
off the cover of SP1
Well... I originally wasn't going to invest in any new forces for SP2, and rely on various folks down the club having assorted fun stuff in various periods, as well as my own Imaginations force (the Duchy of Elland - note to self, must update site :D )...

But I have to confess, for all its historical flaws, to being a big fan of the man who gave his name (with a letter filed off for copyright purposes) to the ruleset, and I have just lucked into a set of the Harper and Sharpe from the limited run that went with the original Sharp Practice rules, as well as having enough credit burning a hole in my pocket with Reuben at PE2Collectables for a box of the Warlord Chosen Men as well as probably a few sprues and/or metals of someone's Peninsular light infantry...

A loverly pair of chaps :D
I'm considering following Hobbsy's example and blowing a bit of my bonus on getting ADC or similar to paint them for me, since I know I won't do Napoleonic uniforms justice, not on 'hero' figures in 28mm, anyway :D I will still, I think, base them myself though.

Question for the readers: does anyone out there have the (sadly now ceased trading) Alban Miniatures "Sergeant Shakewell & Corporal Hammond" pack (BR1)?

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