Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Post Salute musings...

...some of which have already made it onto Twitter...

  • I walked 5 1/2 miles - a lot of it in the same 12' x 12' area
  • big Warbases mistakes
    1. Only buying enough bases for the things I expected to buy
    2. not buying any horses for the Sharp Practice wagons - *facepalm*
  • I should never let Reuben talk me into visiting stalls just before the show closes. That way lies 100 quids worth of lovely, lovely Tablescapes buildings
  • it didn't seem quite as crowded as last year, and I wasn't impressed with the way display games appeared to have been chosen. This isn't sour grapes because we didn't get a game, but some clubs and organisations appeared to have multiple games while folks known for awesome games had none.
  • Bloggers meet up awesome as ever. But...
  • Getting mouthed off at by someone in a SLWarlords orange shirt because our photo group didn't leave a path between my rear end and his stand's light stand for 30 seconds was a bit much
  • There's too much of Salute for one day if you're actively doing anything at the show


  1. I had some really good conversations with some of the traders. But I managed to resist any major expenditure.

    However - I am sure the money will be spent over the internet later in the year!

    I too was disappointed in the display games. Nothing really captured the imagination, they all seemed a little Stale.

    Evidence of this was the total lack of crowds in that area after about midday.

  2. I went to Salute in 2008, and didn't enjoy the experience for many reasons. Never again. I much prefer Partizan.

  3. Even my ridiculous haul left me with a few things I missed or forgot. Never enough time!


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