Saturday, 2 April 2016

Warbases' stag

The stag I used in the Dux Brit scenario on Monday was from Warbases - actually the second, picked up at Hammerhead to replace the first that lost an antler when our postman shoved it through the letterbox - as ever, thanks to Martin and Diane for excellent customer support.

Nice easy paint job: I decided to go for a slightly dappled grey/white, rather than full on mythic snow-white/albino. Black Army Painter spray undercoat, followed by a second coat, this time of Uniform Grey, sprayed relatively lightly from about a foot away, and then a third of white from even further away.

Army Painter soft tone wash, allow to dry, fairly heavy dry brush with white. Antlers are Uniform Grey with Skeleton Bone tips.

Base is Tamiya dark earth texture paint, and some Javis grass and Army Painter tufts. 

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