Wednesday, 27 April 2016

She's never going to believe this wasn't deliberate....

So - remember I mentioned we're off to Williamsburg for a couple of weeks in July.

Well. It would appear (thanks Dean) that 90 mins up the road in Fredericksburg, for the last weekend we're there.... is Historicon.

Convincing Anne a) that wasn't deliberate and b) I'd like to spend the Friday there is next on the agenda :D

Anyone running a Dux Brit game on the Friday would like me to bring a new raid scenario?


  1. Good luck convincing Anne, because I don't think many of us would believe it was just a lucky accident :p

  2. Well since I live about 40 minutes from Fredricksburg I am sure I could schedule one as I will be there for the ENTIRE convention. It is the biggest miniatures convention in the United States. Goes on for 4 days. Williamsburg is lovely too by the way. Not too far from me either.

  3. You're never going to get away with that one!

  4. Oh dear, that sounds like a forlorn hope!

  5. I'm sure she'll be understanding and if not we'll all send flowers. ;-)

  6. Yeah, not sure that the "coincidence" excuse is gonna fly. I've turned my Historicon visit into a business trip this year. "I HAVE to go dear, it's work"

  7. Mike - we met briefly at Salute and I mentioned a source of Dux Brit scenarios that you said you were not familiar with. George Anderson has produced a Book of Raids. Really good, especially the coastal assaults. You may know his blog


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