Sunday, 22 May 2016

Back from Partizan...

...and a very pleasant day chatting with folks, taking photos and helping run our Men Who Would Be Kings game with AndyH, AndyMac, Ash and Pippa. Huge thanks to Osprey, who've been letting us run amok with a pre-release version of the rules for a while now.

I do, though, seem to have spent more for the club (a big hit on Last Valley) than on me, by a LONG way...

Total swag: four sets of LBM shield transfers, two sets of CoC jump-off points and a Warbases armoured car.


  1. The game looked cracking. Good to to have a quick catch up.

  2. the game looked great and it was good to see you again. It's been every three weeks or so recently hasn't it? :)

  3. Was nice meeting, albeit briefly!


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