Saturday, 28 May 2016

WIP on the Citadel Realm of Battle Board

Acquired a set of these last week - all bar one are just undercoated black, so I've started off with the important bit - filing the skull pits :D

[There is a theory afoot that the Warhammer Fantasy and 40K worlds are typically a few inches of topsoil laid on top of a couple of feet, or more, of skulls - either that or there are naturally occurring open-cast skull mines. Either way, this doesn't match the geology of the Iberian Peninsula!]

Managed to unearth some lightweight filler, so these are now out in the workshop (which is fortunately warm today) to dry.

The only problem I have left is the one board that the previous owner had started work on, which has been grassed, but sadly not in the colours I want, and a bit too evenly, as I'm looking for something more sun-bleached in general.

Anyone any good tips on removing PVA-attached grass? My immediate thought is get it very wet.


  1. If it's PVA, getting it thoroughly wet is one way.

    However, you could go over it with washes/airbrush/spray paint to tone it down and introduce some variation

    1. ...or just apply PVA spray in a bottle and lay your new grass over the existing....

  2. PVA is designed to be waterproof when it's set. Normally cellulose thinners, methylated spirits, or acetone would do the job, but are likely to react with the plastic to varying degrees.

    If it was me, I'd try warm water (not hot) and washing up liquid first, and if that doesn't work try the meths sparingly and quickly (with a good wash down afterwards to remove any traces).

    Alternatively building on Tamsin's suggestion, go over it with PVA and grit, to create an area of rough rocky ground or a dried-out and washed out area of gravel and pebbles (fairly common in Spain due to flash-floods), or something like that. In other words turn it from a fault into a feature.

    1. Some types of PVA are water resistant others types are not.

      I agree that trying water first would be sensible. I'd put money on an overnight soak seeing all the flock floating away or at least getting things in a state where it can easily be removed with a bit of scrubbing.

  3. Might be worth considering bio strip or dettol - I would imagine they'd do the trick.


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