Sunday, 8 May 2016

Wargames publishing poll

Ok. Summer is officially here.

Just spent a very pleasant afternoon on the pavilion benches at Market Deeping Cricket Club watching my son play for the Sunday 2nd XI, with a very nice pint of Harvest Pale.

It being somewhat sunny, and the data connection there not being at all stellar, I have had little to do today but watch cricket and ponder various things. As a result of that pondering, I have some questions for you :D

I know I've asked some of these before, as have Tor Gaming in a poll they declined to publish the results of, but that was a while ago, so....

Here you go...


  1. Sorry to be unhelpful Mike, but having thought about it I found it impossible to answer the questions on how much I would pay for any particular size or type of publication.

    I decided that it all comes down to content.
    I'd willingly pay more for a TFL publication because I know from past experience that I will get a lot of value from it than I would for a similarly sized and produced set of rules from an unknown author.

    1. So let's say for the sake of argument it's a TFL publicatuon in all cases. ;)

  2. Filled in the poll with best guess at amounts but as John says, it does all really depend on content/scope, sometimes you would spend more for less as it were.


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