Monday, 23 May 2016

Dear Diary, today...

...I appear to have mostly been a responsible adult thinly disguised as a gamer.

  • Conducted a club EGM to determine our vote for GCN Secretary;
  • Minuted the above;
  • Conducted a club committee meeting to clarify our position on things before writing to people;
  • Updated the club forum and FB page;
  • Tidied the scenery cupboard (thanks Reuben and Dan);
  • Sorted out 40 figures for painting by someone else;
  • Outlined two articles for magazines.


  1. I bet you've also NOT just dropped all your best painted cavalry all over the road either...yup...that's what I just did!! Luckily, although there is much damage, it isn't as severe as I first feared!! Onl;y 3 badly mauled, 9 missing spears/swords and slightly chipped and 15 cavalry and infantry with minor chipping of paint... Silly me!!!!

    1. OUCH. And in the dark as well.

      No - mostly because today I didn't bring any figures with me bar a pile of unpainted Dux B Brits to sort. Given my coordination and dexterity I'm surprised I haven't yet though.


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