Monday, 9 May 2016

Some more goodies from those nice folks at Warbases

The thud of a parcel on the mat, and that unmistakable aroma of freshly-lasered MDF...

Today we have:

  • several 2 x 1 1p trays for skirmishers
  • several 3 x 2 1p trays ditto
  • several more 4 x 2 1p trays for line infantry
  • a couple of 10 figure 1p trays for mobs
  • some 4 x 1 x 40mm pill trays for cxvalry

All nicely pre-drilled for 5mm x 2mm neodymium magnets (also supplied). In addition:

  • a bag of 40mm pill bases
  • the horses for the SP2 wagons I forgot last time
As ever, a huge tip of the hat to Martin and Diane, who are awesome and put up with me adding things, asking for customisations and changing my mind far more than I would! :D.


  1. Wow that are a lot of bases! Now you have to fill these all! Maybe you can start with those horses in the picture! :-D


  2. Well that reminded me - so have just ordered the bases and a movement tray for my KoW Cavalry Horde.

  3. What are you using to magnetise your bases?

    1. The holes in the movement trays take 5mm x 2mm magnets. The bases are post-1992 1p pieces, or in the case of the cavalry bases, self-adhesive steel paper on the underside.

    2. Hah, bingo! I was thinking this is a great idea with pennies - then tested one of my magnets and it didn't work (1989 penny) and thought, copper, of course not! But that makes sense now with the newer ones being copper plated steel :D Cheers sir!


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