Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Administrivia - updates, show, Meeples and pretty things

Apologies for lack of a Lardy List directory update - I had one scheduled for tonight, but after a day's spent Java coding (which I detest with a passion), I took pity on my wife's struggles with maintaining an online FAQ in a really rather rubbish web-based rich text editor, which means I've used up my eye for the night :( (There's still something in it, but I'm pretty sure it's the contact lens :D)

I will be at Partizan on Sunday - look out for the me in a blue Peterborough Wargames Club hoodie with a DSLR. If I'm not wandering around the gaming tables handing out show flyers and taking photos, you can find myself and the Andy's Hawes and McTaggert in the far left corner by the café entrance with the club's NW Frontier game of Men Who Would Be King.

One other thing: for those who aren't followers of Neil's blog, due to unforeseen circumstances, Neil is taking a brief hiatus from recording the podcast. And I quote:
Podcast Episode #171 will be published at some point in the near future, but the next podcast will then not be published until the 15th June, and it will be covering the UK Games Expo and Operation Market Larden #4.
Everything's as fine as it can be, and we'll be back in your lug'oles as soon as we can.

And my Saxon Miniatures order shipped today. Squeeeeeee!

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