Sunday, 15 May 2016

Coming round full circle...

It's no good, if I'm going to spend Sunday afternoon and early evening watching James play cricket, I either need to blog in the morning or get an anti-glare screen guard for my iPad. I may need the latter anyway, since I've committed to being the Sunday 2nd XI's scorer when my eye recovers. :D

Herewith, given it's now gone 10 and we've only just finished supper, some slightly disjointed thought that may pass for a blog post.

I find it amusing how things come full circle: for a decade I worked for, and if you were a fan of their live text commentary in the mid-to-late 90s, and sometimes as late as 2004, one of the commentary 'voices' and scorers was me. Given I'd changed jobs, and given up playing cricket (as I was keen to preserve my fingers in an unbroken state to play guitar) I wasn't expecting to wind up scoring again.

Equally, thinking back, the first wargames army I owned was I think several boxes of Airfix 20mm plastic Napoleonics: guess what's queued up for a painting service now? (Not Airfix - I wouldn't pay someone to paint that plastic! :D)

And then there's Sekrit Projekt P. More in a couple of weeks, but let's just say that I've come right back to the incidental skills I learned in my first ever paying job.

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