Monday, 2 May 2016

The Unofficial Lardy List Directory

....formerly known as Sekrit Projekt L.

I have been collating a repository of all the currently published lists for CoC and SP2 that I can find, which is now up at

I am aware that Rich has just said
With the publication of the second edition of Sharp Practice, one of the things we are very keen to do is to work with other Lardy gamers to get as wide a range of Army Lists available for all sorts of different conflicts which the rules can be used for.  This must be a co-operative process with gamers taking the lead in telling us what Lists they want to see and getting involved in producing these.  We are very happy indeed to work with you on producing lists, all we need is for you to work with us to get them produced.  We can then make sure that they are available for other gamers all around the world to use and enjoy.
and obviously I'm not intending to tread on his toes with this. The aim has always been to produce a link farm grouped by system and campaign period/era that allowed folks to track down if/whether a listed exists yet, if it's official, who's working on it etc etc.

To that end, the Directory is structured as one Wordpress post per individual list (even if a document contains multiple lists). As well as giving the ability to comment on individual lists, there's also a form to allow you to submit new lists (even if they're only draft/WIP).

Note this list isn't quite complete, as I've run out of time before club tonight, so the CoC España list are still to be added. 

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  1. Thats very helpful Mike, thanks.
    I havent been able to access the yahoo group for some time (just grinds round and round) - frustrating as I would like to see the SP2 docs that seem to be appearing. Any chance you could do a link to them, as you have for the CoC qrs...or any suggestions as to another place these could be stored? 😊


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