Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Battle Report - 02 May 2016 - Kings of War

My first KoW game ever, and not with the still-unpainted elves either.

This was a Kingdoms of Men army with a lot of scout cavalry, a horde of Knights and a bunch of infantry and chariots. Blog regulars will probably figure out that it was a combination of my Parthian and Roman armies with some chariots from my Brigantes :D

Initial impressions?

You have to discard a few preconceived ideas from other rulesets. Specifically, three things:

  • Nerve tests are the crux of things: you pile damage on a unit, which keeps adding on, but it remains in full fighting fitness until it fails a test (2d6 + hits taken >= nerve value). Some people, I know, had real difficulty with this one.
  • if you charge into combat, ONLY you attack. The opponents don't get to fight back - if they pass a nerve test, you fall back 1" and they get to counter attack next turn if they want to.
  • You roll all the dice in your turn for everything. This takes a bit of getting used to, but it does mean that time-limit games (chess clocks are, I gather, popular in tournaments) much fairer
With these in mind, you do have to think very carefully about movement, as you don't want to charge someone and leave a flank exposed. And you really do want to invest in movement trays! (hohum. More War-bases orders!)

Also? Magic items are well worth investing in.

That said? I beat Carl quite handily, apart from losing my general in melée near the end :D We made a couple of mistakes, but noting too hard to fix. I need more practice for the scout cavalry to be useful, but I may well trade the ballistae and a unit of foot for another heavy cavalry horde. 

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  1. Well I enjoyed the game - which is always a good start.
    I do need to re-read the rules - they may be short but I missed some important rules - before I had committed my forces.

    My mounted scouts were stupidly sacrificed - because I got too close to some infantry - used the wrong range for pistols (stuck in GW land at 8" - should have used 12").

    I do see the need for Hordes - so have already ordered some Perry Wars of the Roses Mtd Men at Arms!


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