Thursday, 5 May 2016

More stuff to get painted :D

So I've managed a useful trade with Grahame from the club, who wants LOTS of late Roman archers: he took my box of GB plastics away last week, extracted the archers from the sprues and returned me the unarmoured spearmen from his box in return.

That plus the armoured men from my box (8) and a Saxon Miniatures Winter King hero pack (15) - which I have just this second ordered - will give me 30 warriors + levy, 6 elites, lots of heros and a bunch of spares for a Dux Romano-British army....

Aren't these Saxon Miniatures Winter King figures just gorgeous?
It's not that I don't like AndyH's figures, far from it. It's just that borrowing HIS gorgeous bits of paintwork makes me nervous!


  1. I see that those gorgeous Saxon Miniatures are based on King Arthur!


  2. Gorgeous, you're right!


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